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System Information


  • Completely wireless and self-contained.

    • No generators or air compressors needed.

    • No fragile extension cords or air hoses in the line of fire.

    • No CO2 or air tanks to fill.

    • Charge them overnight and they're ready to go for a full day of shooting. 


  • Innovative internal mechanism.

    • Target may be shot as soon as it is visible - no need to wait for it to be completely vertical.

    • Safely dissipates impact energy to ensure long term durability of the target system. 


  • Multiple training programs with real-time hit detection.

    • Hit confirmation appears instantly on the handheld controller. 

    • Targets can be set to fall after one hit or after a random number of hits.

    • Timed rounds allow multiple shooters to compare results and compete with one another. 


  • Wireless range of up to one mile.


  • Tested with calibers up to and including .308 Winchester (7.62 x 51mm).


  • All steel construction with AR500 target and front protection plate. 

    • Side plates are upgradeable to AR500 for extreme applications. 


  • Targets are water resistant - don't let rain or snow interrupt your training schedule. 

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